Not everyone in the area liked her and her family, they called them names and some even threw stones at her and her lovely husband Fred, but she didn't mind what people said about her and went about her business proudly. Flo couldn't understand why they were so disliked,all her and Fred were doing was trying hard to rear their family.Also if asked not one of those people could deny how beautiful she was,she had pretty brown eyes and very distinctive features,whatever the reason for their nastiness it wasn't because they were ugly. Flo could also boast the fact that no matter what they thought herself and Fred were very good parents,she was a very good mother and looked after her young fiercely. Flo and Fred were very proud off their offspring,oh the grew so quickly,some of them were almost ready to go it alone. Fred and her strived very hard to keep them all safe and feed them well. Both Fred and her shared the work between them,Fred went out every night while she stayed with the young-uns,and when he returned early next morning they would have something to eat,and then she would leave for work while Fred stayed and played and slept with the little ones.

Then one particular night tragedy struck!it would change Flo's life forever.Fred said he had found a good place to work and he wanted to leave a little earlier than normal this evening,as he wanted to have a browse around before starting work. Flo was a bit worried!and told him to be very careful,she hated it when he started new jobs,but Fred told her not to fret they didn't call him sly old Fred for nothing,he put his nose to hers and rubbed it,I,ll see you in the morning love and off he went.When he got to the place all seem quiet and still,there was no-one around at this time.So with that he decided to just get started,there was plenty of work here for them,it would yield well for them and keep them all during the winter months ahead.As he was just about to get his first lift he heard a loud bang!then everything round him went fuzzy,he could taste his own blood and the pain in his shoulder hurt terribly,he wanted Flo but knew it was to late and he let out a sorrowful cry and closed his beautiful eyes forever.

In the distance Flo heard his cry and leaving the kids asleep in the morning mist, she ran as fast as she could to get to Fred,but when she arrived it was to late her darling Fred was gone.Standing over him was a man with a gun in his hands,smiling he said! got ya! you sly old FOX!!!!!