Tuesday, 25 February 2014

5 Peppermint Grove ..by Michelle Jackson

Emigration, emigration, emigration…Ruth Travers is leaving Ireland like so many of the Irish Diaspora who have gone before her. But unlike most she’s travelling business class on a Boeing 777 and will be landing in sunny Perth Western Australia sometime in January. Leaving behind her married boyfriend of ten years, Ruth hopes to make a fresh start but not everyone is happy with Ruth’s decision to go. When she tells her mother Angela that she is Australia bound she is met with scorn. It is only when she discovers an airmail envelope with the address 5 Peppermint Grove scrawled across it that Ruth wonders why her parents left Australia without explanation. 
Her best friend Julia Perrin gently orchestrated the move for her friend’s own good. She is a successful business woman with her own travel company and so busy fixing everybody else’s life she sees no need to do so with her own…until she visits Ruth in Perth! Sunshine, sandy beaches and Barbeques abound but there may be more than Angela’s secret waiting for them in Peppermint Grove…

I wasn't gripped from the start of this book, unlike Michelle's other books. But when I got a few more chapters in, I was hooked. This is a heart warming well written novel.Well developed characters, a story full of love, friendship, heartbreak, and family life. I loved the character Horatio, every family should have a grandfather like him. I highly recommend this book, another good read from Michelle Jackson! Keep them coming Michelle!

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